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Developed in cooperation with the INM Leibniz Institute for New Materials

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Our copper surface technology is patent pending worldwide

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Copper polymer

Today, mainly copper and silver are used to protect surfaces, objects and goods against germs, because they have the best antimicrobial properties. The problem is these metals are relatively expensive and can only be used limited. Even though our own AntiGermFoil™ bypasses some of these disadvantages, it is still limited in its application variety due to its material properties. We were therefore searching for an alternative material with equal antiseptic qualities, but unlimited application possibilities.

As part of our research activities, we have started the development of an antimicrobial material and the corresponding application technology. The development has been done in cooperation with the INM Leibniz Institute for New Materials.

Aroused is an antimicrobial polymer that can be combined with nearly all common materials. Through these universal application possibilities, this new material opens up an enormous market - in the medical sector, in infection prevention, hygiene, food preparation and transportation.

The material characteristics and processing options ensure the application both in the primary and the secondary market.

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