Antimicrobial materials

Developed in cooperation with the INM Leibniz Institute for New Materials

Patent pending technologies

Our copper surface technology is patent pending worldwide

Strong activity against MRSA

Tested and certified by the Hohenstein Institute

About Us


The Cu Innotech GmbH (former FroFitz & Friends GmbH) was founded in 2009 based on the development of the CopperProtect™ AntiGermFoil™ which should provide a passive surface protection to contain a possible pandemic of the H1N1 virus. The resulting technology is highly active against all currently known germs with a certified strong antimicrobial effect on the dangerous MRSA. The AntiGermFoils can be easily retrofitted and are comparably cost-effective. Furthermore the technology is patent pending worldwide.

Cu Innotech offers solutions for infection control such as antibacterial surface systems as a passive and permanent protection against germs. This is marketed under the trademark CopperProtect™. Furthermore, Cu Innotech works as a consulting company in the hygiene sector.

The network of Cu Innotech consists of institutions and experts in the sectors of copper, material technology and hygiene, including the German Copper Institute, the INM Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Dr. Andreas Schneider and Prof. Dr. Marc Solioz.


Corporate philosophy

Our company stands for sustainability. All products and solutions are based on natural raw materials. We want our solutions to create value; therefore we don’t only focus on customer satisfaction, we want satisfaction for every person who comes into contact with our company and products.

We guarantee for all of our solutions their effectiveness, nontoxic and biological harmlessness and work every day on the optimization of our portfolio.


Wümek 2014

Congress on technology management in hospitals

Strategic realignment

The FroFitz & Friends GmbH is now Cu Innotech GmbH

Feasibility study with the INM

The feasibility study in cooperation with the INM has been successfully completed

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